May 1, 2012

CD cover design

By Charlie C., 3R
Each year, our school produces a CD. It’s special because the kids sing to a different theme each year. This year is Michael Jackson, and students created drawings for the CD cover. 

When my mom first told me about making a cover for the school CD, I went to start right away. The reason I made two was because my favorite singer is Michael Jackson. I started by cutting the paper into a square. Then, I searched for ideas on the computer. My eyes were staring at one for about a minute, so then I started drawing. I began with Michael Jackson head and drew the body. When I started to draw the arms, it got difficult, but I didn’t give up. Finally I finished the portrait, and wanted to draw another, so I would have a better chance of winning the cover contest. I remembered that over break I went to California, and we saw the walk of fame. I wanted to draw Michael Jackson’s star. I wanted to be creative, so I made it next to Purchase School. Designing the cover for our CD was fun, and I can't wait to see, and hear, the final result.


Bravo to all the students who submitted artwork for the CD cover.
These young designers clearly thought about layout, composition & theme.









  1. Ms. Battista5/02/2012

    Awesome CD Covers!! Love it.

    1. Thanks, Ms. Battista. I've sat in on the rehearsals -- CAN'T WAIT until the album drops!