Dec 15, 2015

Plaster Masks in Art Class

- Henry H. & Noah B., 4D

This project that we did in art class was a plaster mask, it was a very fun and messy process. It started as us wetting plaster, then putting it onto a model of a human face made of plastic. Then, the next class was when we started painting them with different colors. We used glossy acrylic paint and metallic paint. After that class, we did the same thing but we started gluing stuff on our masks, like string and cloth. Then in our final class, we put on our finishing touches to make them our finished plaster masks.


Dec 1, 2015

Chagall Peace Windows

Inspired by the characteristics of stained glass, students used 
oil pastels to create holiday artwork with thick black lines
solid areas of color, and a mix of different shapes.

                                                                                               - Marc Chagall

Nov 22, 2015

2nd grade birch trees

What is an impressionist painter?

An impressionist painter depicts an object as someone would see it if they just 
caught a glimpse of it. Most impressionist paintings are landscapes, or outdoor 
scenes, with visible brush strokes, light colors, and an emphasis on light.

Tree in Flower near Vetheuil - Claude Monet, 1879

4th grade impressionist paintings

 Kindergarten tree collages

                                                                                     Albert Einstein