Apr 26, 2015

Nature inspires us!

Artists get inspiration from many sources. Especially Nature.

Kindergarteners & 1st graders collaborated on a Spring Garden Mural -- focusing on detailed drawings, careful cutting, and noticing the horizon line in a landscape. 



The animal kingdom is an endless source 
of inspiration in the Art Room.

Apr 13, 2015

Artists at HOME

Being an artist means the creative juices are flowing 24/7.
See some of the ways students have exercised their creativity outside the Art Room.

<< We made this theater outside in our backyard tonight, out of materials we found in the woods and some cardboard. We used a flashlight as a spotlight, and my small stuffed turtle as the star of a play we made up, There's No Time Quite Like Fall. Some of my brother's stuffed animals attended. We hope you find this as awesome as we do! >> - From Claire and Pierce J.

<< Lisa, can you forward to Ms. Palefsky? Jack asked me to send it to her - it's a pic of a tower he built with Maddy... >>


<< I just wanted to share with you this picture from this morning. Since Christian brought this project home on Thursday he's been cutting construction paper and adding to it every day! >> (3/2011)


Apr 4, 2015

"A Messy Cupcake"
 By Felicia C.

This project was very fun to do because you get to use very messy stuff like shaving cream. You can use any color paint you want. It is even more fun if you use your hands to mix and place on your surface. When it is totally dry, it is puffy and soft. You can cut foam sprinkles and drop them all over your puffy paint and because there is glue, it will stick. My favorite part was when the shaving cream got all over my paints!

How much time did this project take? 
"It took an hour and 30 minutes, and a lot of concentration. My favorite part was using the paint and the shaving cream." 
 - Julia K.