Mar 15, 2016

"Students should learn to value the rich human diversity found within different races, religions, countries, and cultures. Appreciating diversity means trying to find the best in all people, just as we want them to find the best in us."
                                                      - Thomas Lickona        






Children’s Diversity Pledge

  • I believe that all kids are different and special in their own way.
  • I believe that all kids deserve to be loved and respected for who they are.
  • I will work on being a good friend, so that all children feel welcomed around me.
  • I will not judge people because of where they live, the color of their skin, how they dress, their abilities, their spiritual beliefs, or whether they are a girl or a boy.
  • I can and will find the good in all people.

                                                            —adapted from Cultural Exchange Entertainment Corporation

Mar 1, 2016

OPENING RECEPTION Sunday, March 6th 1-3pm



... and here's the work from our high school artists: