Sep 23, 2011

Better Bodies

By Ava G., 3D
One day, I went to the art room and we were creating people, and I thought it was very cool. Before I did this, I only knew how to make stick figures. I was really excited. Ms. Palefsky taught us how to start at the waist and notice where your hands line up on your body. I used to draw hands to the middle of the body, but now know it looks more realistic to put them below your waist. I got really in to it. It was really fun. I wondered how it would turn out. I started to make the legs and then I drew the body and the head. I used the base of a mannequin to make the head. It was turning out great, then time was up so I brought it home and finished it.  I created a shirt and a skirt, and a belt. On the shirt there are twirls, the belt is purple with a heart in the middle, and the skirt is off-white. Her hair is brown, and her nails are pink. I put skin color on her, and purple boots. I thought it was really nice, and now I know how to make a better body.


Sep 2, 2011

So, what's in the art room THIS year?

Once again, a towering sculpture made
of boxes, chicken wire, a 10' carpet tube,
 and recycled packaging materials awaits!

But what is it?

Post your guess in a comment ... tell us your suggestions
for how we can decorate this new ________________.

(HINT: it's not a tree, dragon, bird or lion)