Jul 7, 2014

This Year's Art Room Installation

By Brendan G.
Purchase School is so creative and imaginative that we make giant sculptures out of art materials. First it was the 2007 tree, the 2008 dragon, the 2009 bird, the 2010 lion, 2011 elephant, the 2012 giraffe and now… the 2013 Kangaroo with its own Joey. The kangaroo is made with chicken wire for its body and a carpet tube for its long neck and tail. Then three 5th grade students (Maria D., Lucia D., Samantha A.) created the baby Joey with packaging balloons for its head, colored the eye and nose, and got cardboard for the body, feet and hands. They drew paws on the hands and feet using a black sharpie marker. So, what do you think next year’s will be?     


By Samantha A., Lucia D.,  Maria D.
We built a baby Joey out of brown construction paper, cardboard and other supplies like sharpies, markers and tape. We made a 3 dimensional head and a flat body of cardboard. The baby Joey has a hook on the back of him to make him hold on to his mom's paw. A special day will come where it will be baby Joey's birthday! We are working on things to make Joey's birthday a special day, it is his 4-month birthday party soon. We hope you can all attend Joey's birthday party (Joey does too!). It will be a fun day for Joey he’ll have on a party hat just to celebrate!