Oct 17, 2013

The Art of Metal Tooling

The image on the right was made in Photoshop, using the "Emboss" style filter.

Metal tooling is a technique used to create designs on a metallic surface. 
Mexican and South American artists call this art form repajado
it's also known as repouss√© or embossing

By James, M.
The Art of Metal Tooling

Metal tooling is when you take a piece of soft metal and push down on it with a tool that doesn’t have a sharp point. First, you should flatten the metal, and then make a draft of your design on paper. Next, you copy it on the metal carefully, because if you make a mistake you cannot take it off. If you want your lines to be concave (pushed down), you work from the front. And if you want them to be convex (pushed up), you flip it over and work from the back. If you want you can add color to your design with permanent markers. The art of metal tooling is really creative and a challenge because you cannot remove your mistakes. Someday I would like to make a larger metal tooling design.



Oct 3, 2013

October Owls

 1st graders practice cutting, tearing, gluing and 
overlapping paper to create a collage.


 Focusing on line, shape and pattern, 1st graders 
also hone their drawing skills.

Kindergarten explores different media -- using soft pastels to blend 
colors, black markers to define lines, and sponge paint to add texture.

(These impressive owls were all made by our new Kindergarten artists!)


Create an owl of your own!