Jan 25, 2015

During the last month we were making our self-portraits.  We learned two ways to make our face by making guidelines or drawing an eye. We took our fingers to measure the width of the eye and moved it around to make the face. After that, we outlined the pencil with a sharpie and then we colored it in with different things like color pencils, marker, paint, and crayon. It took us a few tries to make the face we want and then when we made the one we wanted we stuck with it! We turned it in to what we wanted it to look like. Now we are putting it in to the yearbook. - Jocelynn T., 5E



Face Proportions Using the Guidelines

Everyone's face is slightly different, however, certain guidelines can be used to map out the features
making it easier to draw a portrait with realistic looking proportions. 
Learn more about Proportions of the Face.

Face Proportions Using the Human Eye

Inspired by Jack Hamm, we can use the eye as a unit of measurement. Draw a basic eye shape 
on the left or right side of your paper, approximately half way down the paper. Then based on the measurements 
of that eye, you can place marks for the other eye, nose, bottom lip, chin, jawline and then the entire face shape.


" Always remember that you are 
absolutely unique
Just like everyone else. "
                                                           - Margaret Mead

Jan 8, 2015


A mask is anything used to partially or totally cover a person’s face. Masks can be found all over the world, designed for many different purposes -- work, play, ritual, and protection. The oldest mask (seen above, far left) was carved out of limestone 9,000 years ago during the Stone Age.  
"Masks can turn a person into an animal, a mythical creature, a villain, or a superhero. They help people set aside who they are, and give them a chance to be somebody else for just a little while."

Our 4th graders used plaster and acrylic paint to design masks of their own.





“Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?”
                                                                                                                                              ~ Picasso