Oct 15, 2010


Second graders are kicking off the start of a new school year with huge self-portraits. Working with a wide range of materials: markers, crayons, watercolors, oil pastels, chalk & tempera paint -- they celebrate their individuality and express their creativity. 













Oct 8, 2010


Google takes their illustrated logo to the next level with an animated doodle. Celebrating John Lennon's 70th birthday, they remind us of all the imagination that can be packed in a simple line drawing.

(click the Play button below)

W h a t    d o    y o u    i m a g i n e ?


Oct 1, 2010

One Mural, Many Memories

  My Family Art Project
By Ari H, 5E

This summer my family took a trip to Colorado.
We went to an art class and made a mural of our trip. 


First, we sketched and brainstormed ideas.


Next, we started to paint. Everyone had a job.
It was a lot of fun getting to make our own colors!

 Finally, we finished! The final product was amazing!

I really think that students should take this as a motivation
to take the time to have some fun with art!