Oct 1, 2010

One Mural, Many Memories

  My Family Art Project
By Ari H, 5E

This summer my family took a trip to Colorado.
We went to an art class and made a mural of our trip. 


First, we sketched and brainstormed ideas.


Next, we started to paint. Everyone had a job.
It was a lot of fun getting to make our own colors!

 Finally, we finished! The final product was amazing!

I really think that students should take this as a motivation
to take the time to have some fun with art!


  1. David Heilbrunn9/30/2010

    Great summary of a great time!!! I still can't believe we did this, especially given my extreme lack of talent!

  2. Norm Lyons9/30/2010

    Very cool, Ari! Nice write-up!

  3. susan heilbrunn9/30/2010

    Great initiative in sharing our wonderful and creative experience together in Telluride!

  4. Anonymous10/05/2010

    hi it is Samantha i love your art work i wish i was u i aways wanted to be a great artist i have so much to learn

  5. Anonymous10/05/2010

    hello i love your art work i love how u make these great things ever year how do come up with it

  6. Hi it is the creator of this post, yours truley Ari!!!!! I love our hard work and appreciate any coments.

  7. Wow Ari you did really great, i didnt see it in you. ;) I think it was really great!

  8. Anonymous1/11/2011

    Hi ari your picture inspired me to blossom as a stronger artist. This piece was so emotional I was bursting in tears when i was finished with it. (Not really) Now I feel like I can do anything if i put my mind to it. you are so creative with your artwork. I like how you used a variety of colors in your artwork. You should make more pictures. You really showed your inner thinking with this spectacular masterpiece. This picture really stands out to me in my mind. I think that it is a magnificent idea to be spending your precious time with your family working on this picture. Your fine motor skills stood out in your super fantastic picture. You are a very talented young boy.