May 17, 2010


Working with Plaster in the Art Room

By: Rachel Schmaier, Jaden Bogart and Ellarie Talgo

When we arrived at art, Ms. Palefsky started to talk to us about African masks. She showed us a few masks on the internet and from other classes. Before we started to plaster the masks, we wrapped saran wrap around the molds. Then we got warm water in a bowl and started to wet the plaster and lay it on the masks. We did that until the whole mask was covered with plaster. After that we gave our plastered masks to Ms. Palefsky but we had to let them dry over the week. Next we put them on the drying rack with our name on tape on the inside of the mask. The next art class, we all painted the masks different colors. Some people made funny animal faces, mixed new paint colors, made patterns with shapes and symmetry, and some people got ideas from early African art.

We had a miraculous time plastering and painting our masks!!

Don’t forget to take it one step at a time!

May 7, 2010

From Our Youngest Painters...

Still Life: a picture of objects that don't move.
Common still life subjects include vases, food, flowers,
books, and clothing.

Our Kindergarten artists used crayons,

oil pastels & watercolor paints to create

these spectacular Still Life pieces...

... and just in time for Mother's Day.