Feb 13, 2012

Shining Hearts!

By Ava Petrillo

In art class, we learned a very cool project. We learned about Jim Dim. He was famous for drawing hearts. They weren’t just plain hearts, they were hearts that camouflaged. We were inspired by Jim Dine’s hearts. We decided to make hearts ourselves. Ms. Palefsky cut some cardboard, purchased some aluminum foil and we used sharpie markers. After we gathered our materials, we went to work! We got any sized cardboard we wanted, and some foil. We had to make sure that the foil matched the size of the cardboard. Then we took our foil (shiny side up) and glued it to our cardboard. With that, we were able to make a heart with a black sharpie. After we made our hearts, we drew lines from the heart and created sections on our cardboard with our sharpie. Then with different colored sharpie markers, we colored each section. After that, we filled in our heart. The optional part was to take an oil pastel, outline the heart, and smudged it.
Today, 5th grade remembers Jim Dine by the cool nickname Ms. Palefsky made up “Jim Dine, Valentine.”
This project was really fun to make because we were kind of like Jim Dine making hearts!


Feb 10, 2012

In Their Hearts

By Remy and Isabella, 2A

The Second Graders keep loved ones in their hearts. They all worked very hard to make these projects for their parents. This project shows how much they love their parents.