Nov 22, 2015

2nd grade birch trees

What is an impressionist painter?

An impressionist painter depicts an object as someone would see it if they just 
caught a glimpse of it. Most impressionist paintings are landscapes, or outdoor 
scenes, with visible brush strokes, light colors, and an emphasis on light.

Tree in Flower near Vetheuil - Claude Monet, 1879

4th grade impressionist paintings

 Kindergarten tree collages

                                                                                     Albert Einstein

Nov 2, 2015

NOW ON EXHIBIT! Incredible artwork from Purchase elementary school is currently on display, dressing the walls of Superintendent, Louis Wool's office. Special thanks to LMK for providing this unique gallery space and supporting the visual arts.

Research proves a direct link between the working environment and levels of well-being,
professional satisfaction and productivity. Art makes the workplace more welcoming and stimulates creativity. Why every business should have more art in the workplace ...

Alessandra's Window Painting

Located in Downtown Harrison 
UPDATE: Won the "Spookiest" Award!