Sep 26, 2010

El León

The story behind our giant paper sculptures:

Standing nearly 10 feet tall, our tremendous lion 
greets everyone entering the art room.

Before   &    After

Each student contributes to the installation 
        by designing one piece of the mane.

Sep 21, 2010

Directory Artwork!

Dylan S., 2M

Alex K., 2A

Jason C., 5J

Our school building & our natural environment are popular themes here.

Tyler B., 2T

Derek F., 5H

Sep 17, 2010

Lions in Art

As we continue to work on our giant paper sculpture in the Art Room, let's 
take a deep look at how other artists have used lions as the subject of their artwork.
What do you notice?
                                       What can you find?

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
John Ballantyne, c. 1865

The Sleeping Gypsy
Henri Rousseau,1897

Lion Wall Painting
Spanish fresco, c.1200