Sep 21, 2010

Directory Artwork!

Dylan S., 2M

Alex K., 2A

Jason C., 5J

Our school building & our natural environment are popular themes here.

Tyler B., 2T

Derek F., 5H


  1. Dear Ms Palefsky,
    Its Isabel Rosenstein! Right now, I'm in Mr Amico's art class in LMK. Mr Amico just asked us who knew what a line was. Nobody knew except me! And guess what? A line is a dot moving in space. he asked me where I learned it and I told him you taught me that.

    Isabel Rosenstein

  2. How great, Isabel! You're going to have a blast in Mr. Amico's class. Just keep creating -- put your pencil to the paper and keep moving those dots!

  3. Anonymous9/23/2010


    How are you? I love all the new posts you made. Also can you email me all the animations I made? Thanks. Wonder what the new sculpture will be this year?

    Paris Cipollone