Dec 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

This Happy New Year postcard was sent from Germany to Switzerland in 1913!

More postcards from over 100 years ago!

Postmarked 1912

Postmarked 1909

Dec 18, 2012

Holiday Art

Oil Pastels & markers, Collages with painted paper, Color Sharpies on wood blocks, Shading with pencils, and working with Photoshop ... these are a few of our favorite things.



Happy Holidays
from the Purchase School Art Room!

Dec 7, 2012


A Video Game Monster Comes to Life, But in a Metal Version

- By Jefferson S., 5H

During Art Class, we learned about metal tooling and Ms. Palefsky told us that we could pick a subject for our copper or aluminum sheets. She showed us photos of ancient armor that used this technique. And that’s when it hit me, I thought of the armor in a video game called Minecraft and how I could make something from the video game in art class. The first thing I thought of was a creature called a creeper, and how I could use the aluminum to make its head. I also used permanent color markers, cardboard and white drawing paper to show a video game player inside his house, with a creeper outside his window. The metal tooling was challenging because I had to use lots of pressure to make a mark and draw from my memory. Finally, I finished, and it looked real with all the embossing. I hope it inspires others to try metal tooling.

Dec 2, 2012

Draw with Keni

A 1st grade artist shares his expertise with drawing
and improvising before the camera.

Nov 16, 2012


By Sofia W., 4C

In art we are doing Thanksgiving projects. One of the projects we are doing is a THANKS picture by putting tape for the letters, painting over everything and at the end when you take off the tape, it says THANKS in white and it looks nice. Another thing we are doing is making a tree with leaves falling. The big leaves falling are closer to you, and the small leaves on the tree look farther away. We are doing lots of other festive art too. I feel lucky that I’m in fourth grade because I get to do all these fun things.

Oct 24, 2012

Directory Artwork

Big applause to the illustrators published
in our School Directory!

Jefferson D., 5H

Amelie K., 4C

Alessandra P., 1L