Dec 7, 2012


A Video Game Monster Comes to Life, But in a Metal Version

- By Jefferson S., 5H

During Art Class, we learned about metal tooling and Ms. Palefsky told us that we could pick a subject for our copper or aluminum sheets. She showed us photos of ancient armor that used this technique. And that’s when it hit me, I thought of the armor in a video game called Minecraft and how I could make something from the video game in art class. The first thing I thought of was a creature called a creeper, and how I could use the aluminum to make its head. I also used permanent color markers, cardboard and white drawing paper to show a video game player inside his house, with a creeper outside his window. The metal tooling was challenging because I had to use lots of pressure to make a mark and draw from my memory. Finally, I finished, and it looked real with all the embossing. I hope it inspires others to try metal tooling.

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  1. Anonymous4/04/2013

    i remember when i did that project last year.
    i made a heart

    Sara H, 6 grade,