Jan 18, 2013


Kinders & 1st graders create 
vibrant snowmen by overlapping circles, adding details, and filling the background with color (keeping the snow white!) 



Older artists render snowmen from an 
Aerial Perspective or bird's-eye-view...

Jan 4, 2013

painting winter

Brendon G., Jonah S., 4th grade
Today in art we made birch trees that were white on a dark background. First we did the tape to make the shape of the bark tree, and then we painted the background a dark color using liquid watercolors. Next we peeled the tape and saw the tree in white. Then we put little blue lines in the tree to make the markings on the bark. Then we put little white dots with acrylic paint in the background to make snow. Making art is fantastic because you make your own creation.


Tape Resist Birch Tree Painting
Process: Masking tape trees, Watercolor sky, Acrylic paint snow, Peel tape & add bark markings.