Dec 20, 2011

Holiday Hits

Tape Art

Oil pastel & crayon resist

Origami paper chain


Paper bag gingerbread house

Oil pastel, stained glass style

Enjoy a creative holiday!

Dec 6, 2011

Chagall Stained Glass

Today in art we did a project inspired by stained glass and used oil pastels. We made Christmas trees, candles, and menorahs. We smooched [smudged] the oil pastels so it looks like paint. We made cracks for the glass and we took tooth picks to scratch designs in the oil pastels. We used dark colors to outline and light colors for the inside. Then we put frames on the back of the stained glass, we got to pick red or light blue.

By Troy and Chris, 3W

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Dec 2, 2011

Life-Size People

By Spencer G. and Eric M. from 4-N

This project for the 4th Grade of Purchase School is a very cool and fun project for all of us. First we planned our person and traced one of our bodies. Then we got to work on painting our person which was really fun! We even got to scratch into wet paint with the end of our paint brush, called sgraffito. Once the paint dried we cut it out. Then we stuffed it and stapled it and then did our final touches to the people. We used a lot of materials such as paint, oil pastels, markers, paper, stuffing, fabric, yarn, staplers and duck tape. Don’t you wish you could do this project at home?


Nov 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

                                                                                                                                      By Vincent C., 4C

Nov 21, 2011

Tipi Village

By:Molly and Ava
Tipi’s are all over Purchase school!!! In art we are making a Native American village. First we had to paint and design our tipi. Everyone painted them brown but the cool part was the designs, there were Native American symbols and awesome stripes and lines. We waited for them to dry and the next class we folded them into tipi shapes. We went outside and collected sticks, leaves and flowers, we thought it was cool to get all types of nature. We put the sticks and feathers in the top of the tipi where there was a little hole.
Next it was time to glue the tipi’s on to a big piece of foam core. We also painted and added a lot of detail to the canvas, but the next class when the paint dried the end was curling up. We had to change it and move all the tipis on to a different piece of paper because painting the board made it warp. So after everything was on a giant piece of paper, we added details with model magic.
We made fires out of model magic, we made people in cones and made animals such as a buffalo. We had to use very light materials so they wouldn’t fall over, I made a tree out of model magic but it fell over because it was too heavy. When we are finished we will hang it vertically in the hall way so that everyone can acknowledge all our hard work.

We had such a great experience and learned how to work together really well. We can’t wait to see the kids' reactions when they see it in the hallway!

The model village hangs vertically in the hallway, appearing -- at first glance -- as abstract art.



Photos from Tipi Day 2011