Dec 6, 2011

Chagall Stained Glass

Today in art we did a project inspired by stained glass and used oil pastels. We made Christmas trees, candles, and menorahs. We smooched [smudged] the oil pastels so it looks like paint. We made cracks for the glass and we took tooth picks to scratch designs in the oil pastels. We used dark colors to outline and light colors for the inside. Then we put frames on the back of the stained glass, we got to pick red or light blue.

By Troy and Chris, 3W

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  1. I really like the rich colors and the juxtaposition of the objects in the foreground with the stained glass.
    Mr. Kalman

  2. Anonymous12/15/2011

    thats a really interesting idea. do you think that if we use a different material insted of paper the colors would come out more glossy????

    write back Ms. Palefsky

  3. Hello Anonymous,
    (next time, please sign your comment with your first name or initials)

    Oh, I love how you're thinking about different materials and the different effects they create!
    Yes, using a glossy paper or even acetate (a clear plastic sheet) with tempera or acrylic paint would bump up the shine and appear more like glass. Also, some artists add a clear varnish like Modge Podge for extra lustre and shine.