May 30, 2014

2nd Grade's Rockin' Self-Portraits

By Benny E., Owen T., Olivia F., Julia K., 2MA

The 2ND grade started learning different techniques for face features. We learned to draw the "t" guideline to make your eyes by your ears, and your mouth and nose in the center of your face. We also learned that shoulders are wider than your head, and noticed hair lines, neck, skin colors, and how to put in outstanding details. We learned how to make it look like you, and how to make your eye color correct. We used mirrors to make them look like us. We really focused on how to make the face very convincingWe all made are backgrounds unique. We used oil pastel , paint, crayon, marker and paper. The paper we used was about 18-24 inches. And that`s our SECOND GRADE ROCKIN' SELF PORTRAITS! 


“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

 - Maya Angelou

May 23, 2014

Check out the new Earth Art Museum! 

Kids from every grade in the school have come up with art projects using recycled materials such as bottle caps, plastic, recycled rubber bands and so much more! There are big projects and little projects that are really cool and earth-friendly!  - Zoey, 4C

In honor of Earth day, a handful of 5th and 4th grade students made an Earth Art Museum Sign. This event challenged kids in Purchase School to create Art using recycled materials. The top four Art projects in our minds were the bouquet of flowers, the flower, the crocodile, and the dog. The names of the students that made these projects are Tighe M., Sophie B., Parker Y., and Ava C. These stood out because they were creative and not as similar to the other projects. It also surprised us because these students were younger. We hope we can do another Earth Art project next year!!! - Alex K., Rachel G., 5th 




The 5th grade B.O.L.A. students made environmental posters. With sayings like “Lend a hand to help the Earth” or “Recycling is the cool thing to do.”

Also at the Earth Day assembly, two girls were mentioned. These two girls were Ellie K. and Tyler B. These two girls made an Earth Day video saying protect Earth. (watch it on our Library blog)


May 12, 2014


Did you notice the AMAZING print art in the halls? Well, it's really no that hard! First, you make a "scratch" design on paper (it should be easy, not too hard!) Next, you copy the easy design on a "foam" plate. Then you use the rubber roller (called a brayer) with ink to roll over the piece of foam. Put the inked foam on different pieces of paper. Put the different prints on one long piece of paper. This printmaking works because the marks from the foam slate don't get the ink in it, producing a design. Don't you want to make a print art design? Well, you should try it! - Remy R., 4A