May 3, 2014

Make Something for Mom!

Handmade Gifts Are Better Than Store-Bought Gifts
By: Sofia W., Ben G., Bailey F. of 5E

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Is it store-bought or handmade?  Personally, we think that handmade gifts are better than store-bought gifts. Read this article to find out more.
            One reason we think handmade gifts are better than store bought gifts is because it’s more special when you make it yourself; when you make it yourself it's one-of-a-kind. Another reason why handmade gifts are better than store bought gifts is because store bought gifts cost money; handmade gifts are nicer and they don't cost money.   When we make something it makes us feel accomplished because we worked so hard to make something nice for our mother.  What are you going to make for your mother?  

Here are 5 project ideas from our Art Room:

CLAY PINCH POT                                                      

FLOWER VASE COLLAGE                                            


MOD-PODGED CONTAINER                                      


FLOWER VASE PAINTING                                             


plus a few more ...

Create a color-pencil drawing

Write a poem

Make an accordian-fold card

Chloe drew all the emojis and then described 
how her mom expresses them.

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  1. Anonymous5/23/2014

    I love the emojis Chloe made for Mother's Day! Such a good idea!

    - Caitlin P.