Jun 20, 2013

Summer's On

Check out http://www.funnyfoodart.com/howto for an
artist who really knows how to play with his food.

Thank You to all the artists in Purchase School for another bustling year in the Art Room
Now go explore the outdoors     -- we'll meet back inside in September!   

Ben G, 4th gr
Gabby B., 5th gr

Katie C., 4th gr

Dylan S., 4th gr

Emma L., 4th gr

Isabella B., 5th gr

Madison S., 4th gr

Matt F., 3rd gr

Christopher D., 5th gr 

Kindergarten Pinch Pots

Jun 16, 2013

It's June

Our giraffe left the Art Room to attend the school Talent Show, which raised 
money for Boots On the Ground, a nonprofit organization, that helps support 
families whose lives were devastated after Super Storm Sandy.


A rainy Field Day led to creative, indoor, full-body fun.

Jun 12, 2013

Roller Coasters

1st grader James shares his research on roller coasters, 
and presents his very own prototype.

He uses inquiry to guide his research:





Inventor James presents his model roller coaster, Jaws.

Jun 9, 2013

Bug Study

By Ila D., Andrew C.  
Mrs. Tepper's 1st grade class made this bug jar. It is beautiful, don’t you think? We made the jar because we learned so much about insects. A bug is an insect when it has six legs, three body parts and two antennae. You can draw a bug with shapes like a circle for the head and a square for the body. Never give up, you can try to draw an insect or bug every day. Put your best effort into it!



Click link to watch Eve create the artwork above:

1st graders were inspired by contemporary artist
 Ryo Takemasa, an illustrator from Tokyo, Japan.