Jun 3, 2013

5th grade Self-Portraits

By Lily R.

This year I have become a better artist than I was when I came to this school. I have learned so much from drawing self portraits. This year we combined what we have learned from every single year and made a self portrait of our selves. I got so much feedback and support from Ms. Palefsky. We were not aloud to get help from other people. This really effected my work because I am not the best at drawing eyes so she really encouraged me to try my hardest. 

Each year, 5th graders create self-portraits to be used in the school yearbook. Just like Norman Rockwell, they use mirrors to notice the small lines and shapes that make up our faces, and make us unique.




Placement & Proportion

Detailed Features


Matt H. takes on a digital challenge:
  he creates a cartooned version of his self-portrait using Photoshop.

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  1. Matt H., you are a young wizard. Go conquer the world, and stay in touch.