Jan 23, 2012

Dripping with Delight

By Zachary H.
In class, the 5th grade was inspired by Jackson Pollock so we splattered paint to do it just like him. It took a long time, creativity and thought, but we knew the results at the end would be excellent and good! When it came to seeing the final result, everybody wanted to see what theirs turned out to be. Some people weren't exactly happy with the result of their project, but the good part about is that they didn't give up at all! They just re-did it again kept on working! On the other hand, the other people were happy with their results and started to frame it and decorate it a lot, as you can seen. You might be surprised and scared, and say, "Woah, that is a really excellent project, but I cannot do it." If that's what you think then tell yourself to take a deep breath. This project is very simple to succeed in! If you have no way or idea of how to do it, don't hesitate! Just ask your current art teacher Ms. Palefsky! She'll tell you how to do it. If you love it, you can comment on it too! 
I think that our pictures look quite astonishing. We used quite simple materials in our project. All it took was some paint, the creative side of your brain and more. In conclusion, this project overall was pretty successful! We all loved it and you can too, so don't be afraid to do some, simple fun art!

" I have no fear of making changes, ... because the painting has a life of its own. "
- Pollock

Jackson Pollock was an American painter, born in 1912,
who became famous for his enormous drip paintings. Rather than paint a landscape or a portrait, Pollock wanted to paint actionWhen you look at one of his drip paintings, your eye wanders across the entire canvas in constant motion... 

Jackson Pollock Here We Come!
By: Isabella and Rachel
“Drip, drop, drip, drop!” That’s the sound of my brush when we learned how to do Jackson Pollock. In art we learned about Jackson Pollack and how he does all his famous work. It turns out he staples his canvas to the ground of his barn and walks around or on the canvas and splatters or drips the paint. Ms Palefsky, our awesome art teacher, decided we were going to do a little something like him. So first, we got medium sized white paper. Next, we got tempera paint and diluted it. Then we got our paintbrushes and dripped the paint on the paper. We moved the paper around once it had the paint on it to make cool designs. Some people even got a little crazy and did his real style! We think this was a good project because our whole grade had a great time with it. We hope other creative art teachers around the globe get inspired.


Jan 9, 2012

Morning Art

Students arrive to schooextra early for studio time in the art room.

 “Morning Art gives me more time to do art. I get to look at older kids’ work, and I get to ask other people what their pictures are of. I get to spend time with my neighbor and make art and it makes me feel artistic.”
- Julia O., 2D

“When I was signing up, my parents weren’t home, so I called them and they said, “Okay.” So I wrote a comment saying that I wanted to draw the Mona Lisa. When I finally finished it on the third week, I was very happy. Now it is the last week, and I’m making an origami paper chain.”
- Charlie C., 3R

“When I heard about morning art I wanted to be the first one to sign up I was so excited. That night when I got home I rushed on the computer to sign up. I wanted to do morning art because we only have art once a week for specials and I wanted to do more. There are a lot of materials in the art room that I don’t have at home, like oil pastels, and big papers. Morning art is really fun you might want to sign up next time.
- Alex R., 3R


Jan 3, 2012

Making Resolutions

Excited for the new year, students worked with composition, design,
and overlapping shapes to create symbolic new year's resolution art.



"I will stick to getting dressed faster."

"I will try to erase my fights with my friends."

"I will try my hand at ice skating."

"I will cut out teasing my sister."

"I will cross out bad thoughts." (symbol: pencil)

"We traced things in the art room like glue to tell us to stick to doing our chores."

"I will erase fighting with my brother."

"I will cut out turning the light on when my teenage brother is trying to sleep."

"I will cut out saying bad words."

"I will stick to singing."