Jan 9, 2012

Morning Art

Students arrive to schooextra early for studio time in the art room.

 “Morning Art gives me more time to do art. I get to look at older kids’ work, and I get to ask other people what their pictures are of. I get to spend time with my neighbor and make art and it makes me feel artistic.”
- Julia O., 2D

“When I was signing up, my parents weren’t home, so I called them and they said, “Okay.” So I wrote a comment saying that I wanted to draw the Mona Lisa. When I finally finished it on the third week, I was very happy. Now it is the last week, and I’m making an origami paper chain.”
- Charlie C., 3R

“When I heard about morning art I wanted to be the first one to sign up I was so excited. That night when I got home I rushed on the computer to sign up. I wanted to do morning art because we only have art once a week for specials and I wanted to do more. There are a lot of materials in the art room that I don’t have at home, like oil pastels, and big papers. Morning art is really fun you might want to sign up next time.
- Alex R., 3R


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