Feb 10, 2012

In Their Hearts

By Remy and Isabella, 2A

The Second Graders keep loved ones in their hearts. They all worked very hard to make these projects for their parents. This project shows how much they love their parents.



  1. Anonymous2/16/2012

    they look great daniella is going to be super happy when i tell her her art work is on the blog!!!!!!! hers is the 5 th down!!!!!! you are the best art teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alexandra Zumbo!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous3/02/2012

    I liked how you riped up paper and put it on the heart.

  3. kindagardners allways love to do art and they love their parents so the put it togeither and its a heart made at art class and they give it to there parents.

  4. Anonymous5/08/2012

    nice job all of you all of the pastels combind altogether to make a perfect puzzle peice

    - thanks for being the best art teacher ever you rock with all of the choices that you give us during our two art peirds you are the best art teacher in the whole World you rock and thank you for always giving us so many choices in art class i know that me and all of the other students love all of the choices you give us and alot of them are so thought out and created and brought to a whole new leavel again you are the best are teacher and i know you always will be even if you have only been here for five years yopu are sure doing an exalent job on rocking the art thrown to becoming thr best art person even if you get aome things off line like expanding google i am sure they appreciate that because youy are inspiring young kids to go home and go to their computer to look up google and see everything you taught them about who the person is and what they do to help us just like when keath hering was on the google home pager so exiting we did a unit on him and are seeing what he really means to our big exiting world

    - one of your students