Sep 27, 2012

Our Giraffe

By Nicky & Tori, 3R
Every year we make an animal in  
the Art Room and this year we made a giraffe. Every kid in the school made a spot for the giraffe. We used the shape of  Africa (an ORGANIC shape) because giraffes live in Africa. We used all different colors and designs which makes it pop and stand out. The giraffe is made of recycled materials like a clothing hanger for the ears, old mailing tubes for legs, chicken wire for the body, and a long carpet tube for the neck.

Every kid helps each other during art class because that is a part of sharing. We like this idea because it makes us feel like everyone wants to help on the project.  People notice the giraffe when they walk into the Art Room.

The sculpture will be a reminder to keep our 
heads in the clouds and have a big heart.

Each student in Purchase school cut and designed an 
organic shape which was glued to the sculpture's body.

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