May 9, 2012

Keith Haring

By Zach H. 5-H
In art, we were working on a Keith Haring project. He used bright, flat colors, motion lines, and contour lines (the outline). The contour does NOT have details in it. For example, no face, clothes, hair, fingers, and toes. Also, Keith Haring was inspired by Aztec Art and used detailed patterns and designs. Lastly, Keith was inspired by proportion (human body is roughly eight heads high). 
When Keith first started painting his artwork, he decided to put it in a popular place - in a train station. Then, when he got older, Keith expanded his artwork into the city (New York). Like for example, Keith designed his people at wall balls, playgrounds, and on sides of buildings. Keith was drawing on wall balls to protest on kids using drugs. Keith’s artwork was shown in art museums for people to see how he was inspired by Aztec art. 
Sadly, in 1990, Keith Haring died of AIDS. But his artwork will always live forever. Today, his artwork still lives! His artwork is on Google. People in my class made samples of his artwork. This was one of my favorite art classes because I had fun!
By Ethan V. 4-A
Keith Haring (1958-1990) was a phenomenal artist who started by drawing in the subway in New York City. Maybe you might know him for his big art masterpiece: the Crack Is Whack mural on a cement wall in a NYC playground. This showed how Keith felt about drugs. Keith had a very funky style and was greatly influenced by the bold patterns and line design in Aztec art. All in all we had an awesome time making Keith Haring drawings! :) 

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