May 16, 2012

The Toucan

By Chloe R.
Second grade started a toucan project representing the natural habitat and colorful bird for earth day. The habitat is the rain forest in South America. Tree cutters are cutting down the natural resources, trees which are also the habitat of toucans. A toucan is the bird we picked also because it’s very fun to draw. The toucan has a lot of steps to it but it's easy! It has a lot of shapes that you can follow from looking at the bird’s amazingly shaped beak and tail. Ms. Palefsky will show you the shapes and outline if you ask her to show you. The reason you should ask her the shapes is that it can help you picture it in your mind. It’s an amazing bird to draw because of its habitat and its colorful beak including its dark body which makes it stand out a lot because of the contrast. This bird’s habitat is just leaves if you think about it! You can add details to it like rain because it’s the rainforest!

Nicole H.
My favorite art lesson was the Toucan lesson because our wonderful art teacher Ms. Palefsky taught how to draw toucans. The reason that she taught us how to draw a Toucan is because she said they were endangered animals and she said that we should draw them because she said they would give us inspiration on drawing. I thought they were really fun to draw because once we did a pencil sketch we got use so may art materials like paint, oil pastels, chalk pastels, chalk, crayons and anything in the art room. Everyone's in my class was really colorful and some were really creative. When we looked at them we looked at them like they were a real photo because anyones artwork can be a real photo. Toucans were a great challenge for second grade and even thought they were hard to draw I know I will never give up.

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Nick C. illustrates the canopy layer of the rainforest, where toucans make their homes.

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  1. I notice how much attention to detail was paid in making the toucan come "alive."

    Wonderful work!