Apr 22, 2012

Scrap Paper Sculpture

By Zachary H.
In art, we did a project that is the best one for Earth Day. We recycled used papers and cardboard boxes and made a sculpture out of it. It was a good way to re-use something that nobody wants any more. We made cool things with already used paper. Some of us really went jumbo and made sure that there was no cardboard bottom left to be seen! 

Others crossed over and under, and tried new folding techniques. During the class, nobody went to get a brand new piece of paper. We pulled from the scrap bin and used leftover paper from our Jackson Pollock project. Some people's turned out to be real funky.

This project in my opinion is very creative. One of the most because you have a wide variety of ways that you can do it. It is not a project where you have to do it in an order, you can do anything that you want. Which I think to be very great. That way, you can stretch your creativeness out. 

In conclusion, this project I think is a great one for Earth Day! 


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