Jun 8, 2011

The Red Carpet

By Lilah S.

Paparazzi, paparazzi everywhere!  Have you ever been to the red carpet? Have you ever met your favorite actor/actress? Well now you have, because you’re at the red carpet! Get all the autographs you need, all the latest information!
I have been working on this project the whole year! I got this idea when my mom was watching a show about the red carpet, and I interpreted that to my art work. I remembered seeing another student make a stop animation movie during Morning Art, and I was inspired to make one. I kept on having more & more ideas every month doing this project. It kept on getting better & better as I added more.

Materials: I used felt for the red carpet, I used model magic clay for the people, and a paper clip to make the people stand up. It was fun being the set designer, director, producer and editor for this project. I am so proud of what I accomplished!

* Featuring music from Purchase School CD, "Purchase Goes to Hollywood," 2010.


  1. Anonymous6/08/2011

    Maybe you'll walk the red carpet one day!-mommy <3

  2. Anonymous6/08/2011

    wow! terrific Lilah. So proud of you.

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