Jun 22, 2011


Third graders finished their year with a special photography study
in collaboration with Lincoln Center.

By Erin, Matthew, Evan

Ms. Smith, from Lincoln Center, arrived to our Art Class in the first week of June to share a bit of her knowledge of photography. On the first day, we took photos and went over the meanings of framing, contrast, foreground and background. The next day, we looked closely at photographs from the Lincoln Center collection and noticed things we had never noticed before. We realized all the photos had contrast, dark and light together. All of the pictures were taken in black and white. On the third day, we took photos again and discussed our progress. Plus, Mr. Kalman, our principal, came in and shared his photographs with us. He had traveled to Rome and taken different pictures of different people.

Some things we learned:
Erin: "Now I will think about my angle as I take pictures."
Matthew: "I am going to think about the background in my photos."
Evan: "Now I am interested in taking pictures of buildings and statues in the city."

Students explored how to think like a photographer... taking notice of
Foreground, Background, Contrast, Framing / Cropping




"You don't take a photograph, you make it."

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  1. Tremendous THANK YOU to the Harrison Educational Foundation --- this collaboration with Lincoln Center was funded through a grant from the foundation.

    We appreciate our community's support for the arts... and our parents for fostering creativity and innovation.