Jun 22, 2010

Stop Animations & Slideshow ... a Grand Finale!

Stop Animation
By: Sophie and Paris

This year so many people have made fantastic animations. What is Stop Animation? It is when you take pictures of things that don’t actually move in real life, and you take 50-2,000 pictures. You move the objects and take a picture then keep repeating the process. You put the pictures on a special program, and it turns into a movie. The objects now appear to move. You can add special effects, sound, and much more to it!

Paris was inspired when she saw stop animation videos and thought it was cool so she tried it out! Then I saw Paris’ videos and it was really interesting and looked super fun! I really wanted to try it and I did! Anyone can do Stop Animation if you try! This year, many people were inspired by other animations on the blog.

As you see many of these animations had music from the Purchase School CD. If you think animation is easy it is not too easy because it takes time.

Below you can find the steps for making an animation:

1. Get what you need and get the topic of your animation

2. Find or make the character and then take your pictures

3. Load the images into a movie program. (a program that makes pictures into a movie)

4. You have your movie

5.If you have a mac you can load it into iMovie and add sound effects, music, tittles and maps

6. If you have a mac you can send out or save your movie on your flash drive so you can show people

7. You're done!

"Yay" by Paris C.

"Tik Tok" by Sophie M.

"Wow!" by Sarah B.

"Planet of the Scissors" by Joseph H.

Here is some artwork that kids of all ages have created in the art room! Some are collages, paintings, drawings, and much much more! You can look at all of the artwork below!


  1. Anonymous6/29/2010

    Cool animations. I really like them. The photos are nice too. I saw the morph videos that are cool. Can you post them?


  2. Anonymous6/29/2010

    Can you send all the animations Paris made?