Jun 16, 2010

Send Your Favorite Characters Anywhere in the Universe

Matt and I just recently finished Photoshopping a picture. It’s about some characters that you might know on the planet Jupiter. These characters are humorous to the Planet Earth. The Photoshop process was hard but here is what we did.

First, we took a picture of the giant bird Ms. Palefsky made with the rest of the school. Next, we went on Google Images and got a picture of Jupiter. We copied and pasted it into Photoshop. Then we got a picture of BOB from Monsters VS. Aliens the movie. We copied and pasted it onto Photoshop. We lassoed BOB to make him transparent so we could drag him into the Photoshop with the background of Jupiter. We then dragged the bird onto the Jupiter background so he would stand next to BOB. At the end we flattened our picture so it could become a JPEG.

Then we saved our picture and we got this:

Check out some other Photoshopped images:


  1. Anonymous9/15/2010

    I've always loved this post and I think it's soo funny!!
    Ryan G.
    6th grader posting from Digital Literacy Period 7

  2. Hey Ryan, thanks for posting your comment! Yes, these pictures crack me up, also... Purchase School misses you, stay in touch!