Jun 4, 2010

Our Congrats to Ryan... It was a tie, but he WON!


My Winning Tie Design
By Ryan K.
4th Grade

If you believe in something you should strive to do it. If you give up on what you strive for there might be whole adventure in front of yourself you might miss. I got my idea from my dad who is a fan of grilling on our grill. I like to draw at home and school. I have submitted different drawing for three years straight until I won. The rest of my family also entered this contest because they like to draw too. I made a few different drafts until I decided I had drawn the draft I wanted to send in to the Vineyard Vines store. About four months after I entered my design, the Vineyard Vines store sent home a little note that said I had won the contest. Also in the box was the first tie they had produced for my dad. I was really excited! A month later the Vineyard Vines store called and said they might want to produce my tie in 2011. Vineyard Vines finally decided they want to produce my tie in 2010 and put me in their catalogue. I had my photo shoot, they took many different pictures around the store in Greenwich, CT. Now I am in their catalogue, which makes me feel that I should strive to keep entering contests, and taking new chances.

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