May 1, 2013

Reverse Painting

“How did you did that?” That’s the first thing people say. The fourth graders made reverse paintings on transparent plates. First we drew an animal on a piece of paper. Next we colored the animal and sketched it on the paper. We used a lot of color. When we were done coloring it we put a clear plastic plate upside down over our work and traced it with permanent markers. The final draft was very cool and good. Then we covered the back with white acrylic paint which made the plate brighter so you can see it better. Finally we let it dry and the next day we came to the art room and saw our plates they were beautiful. So now you know how the fourth grade made the reverse painted plates. 

By Casey J, Cooper D

Color was applied to the back of the plate (reverse painting) with 
acrylics or permanent color markers. The results were bold and bright. 

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