Apr 17, 2013

Life-Size Artwork

Drip, drip, drip that’s the sound of someone painting.

The 4th grade made life-size sculptures. First, we sketched someone on a big piece of paper. Next we thought of a person that was famous or anybody and used them for inspiration. Then we got materials like fabric and string and used them to make laces and clothes. After that, Ms. Palefsky let us use red paper and tempera paint. Finally, all of the paper people dried and we added details and props, for example footballs and basketballs. Then we cut it out and stuffed it and stapled it. After all of that, Ms. Palefsky hung it up and everybody commented. For example they said, ”Amazing job.” It made me feel like my group work was successful. I was proud of my group. So now you know how we made the paper people. I’m looking forward to seeing 3rd grade doing it next year.

By Casey J., 4J


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