Nov 3, 2010

Graphic Design

                                                             Typography is the art & technique of arranging type.


5th graders explored typography, applying basic concepts of graphic design.

Reflection, By Noah R.

"I learned that art isn’t just about painting and writing, it’s also about experimenting on the computer."

In Art I learned about a lot, and one of my favorite things was learning about fonts. I learned about kerning and leading, serifs and san serifs. A serif is a letter with a (foot), a san serif is a letter without a foot. (A) is a san serif because it has no foot, and a serif has a foot or (tail). We had to make a commercial about serifs and san serifs. A place you can find serifs and san serifs is in a magazine. My favorite part was learning about different fonts. There are so many different fonts that are cool. I learned that art isn’t just about painting and writing, it’s also about experimenting on the computer. You can do kerning and leading on the computer to. I have probrably tried kerning and leading without knowing what it was. I think the tricks are very helpful to understand the meanings of kerning and leading. Ms. Palefsky showed us so many different examples that looked awesome. In conclusion, I learned a lot this session in art.

Introductory terms

Serifs & San Serifs

Designing the Pledge

Overlaying fonts & images

Visual representation of the Web

What font would YOU be?
Choose a font from the list below. 
Describe what you see, and how it reflects you.
For example, "I would be Parade. I notice the variation of thin and thick lines, and use of serifs on some of the letters. This font seems comical & playful, but still level-headed."


  1. I am more like cloister because it is flexible sort of like me. Cloister also has lines going through it and I am running around all over the place. The letters are also serifs, so it has twists and turns in it and it looks creative and I think that I am very creative. The font is also normal sized like not too big and not to short like my height. So that is why I am most like Cloister.

  2. Sammy K.11/10/2010

    If I could be one of these fonts I would be "Curlz." To start I am a big fan of lots of loops. Also I get how it is a san serif. It has the feet at the end and on top of the letters. Also the name "Curlz" describes the shapes. I also see there is not that much kerning beetween the letters. To wrap it up I like this font for all those reasons, and kerning is the space beetween the letters I really enjoyed learning about different fonts.

  3. If I could choose to be one of those fonts I would be the font called "Jokerman." Because I could be a joker and I like the lines all around the letters. I also like the holes in the letters. I think jokerman is the perfect word to demonstrate the font. In conclusion I thought all the fonts were good but jokerman was the best.

  4. Benito y Lucas11/10/2010

    If Luke and I would be a font we would be Joker man because it matches our personalities and it has a little jiggle to it so it makes it look cool. Also, we like it because it is a creative and fun font. That is why Joker man is our favorite font.

    Brett and Luke

  5. Comic
    If I had to pick a font that would most describe me I would pick………. Comic because it is very normal, simple and plain like me. I am also very shy and comic also looks like it is not crazy and it looks very plain and quiet. Comic is the font I would pick.


  6. Adrianna & Jacklyn11/10/2010

    We would be amazane because it brings out our personality in a lot of ways. For example we are fancy beautiful girls. And we think it’s cool and awesome. Also it brings out our art life. We also like it because it is formal and totally fancy.
    Adrianna & Jacklyn

  7. jose {joey}11/10/2010

    If I get to pick I will pick jokerman because I am very abstract, I am very interesting, it’s very big, I am not conmen, I am crazy, I am not quite, I am not plain and I am not shy. That why I want to be Jokerman

  8. I would choose the "comic" style because it seems really simple and makes your writing look good.

  9. Spencer11/10/2010

    If I were to be a font I would be Jokerman because I am bold and sometimes funny. Also I’m cool and this looks cool. It is also creative and funny.