Nov 13, 2010

Installation Art

By: Judy F. , Isabella C. & Rachel S.

Every year the 4th Grade comes together in art for a big project.  We split into groups and each group makes a life size stuffed person. We make it look like real kids. Here is a little about the process…

First every group traces a real person on a big sheet of paper then they cut the person out. This all involves lots of teamwork! Next, the group thinks of lots of ideas of what the person is going to look like (clothes, nose, mouth, eyes, shoes and bottoms), that way it will look realistic. Next class, the goups start to design the person. For example one group used someone's real shirt that didn’t fit any more and stapled it on and used shorts that didn’t fit them too. You also get to paint the person first. You get to use a variety of materials. After your group is done with the body, you can move on to the face and shoes. You can use yarn for the hair. In our group, 3 people designed the shoes with lots of different fabric. When you are in 4th Grade you are going to have a blast with this project! Ms. Palefsky is the best art teacher ever!

Fourth graders collaborate to construct life-size paper sculptures to be placed around the school.  
Each figure demonstrates a way to Care About Yourself & Care About Others (C.A.Y.C.A.O.)

Proportion - the relationship of one part to another.
Students traced their own bodies for accurate proportion.

Mixed-media - when two or more media are
combined in a single 

Students combined paints, fabrics, oil pastels & markers,
creating different textures.


  1. Anonymous11/16/2010

    These people are so cool. I like the husky girl because of the paw print.

  2. Derek, 5H11/17/2010

    All of the people are great because it looks like you put a lot of effort into them. I hope this year's 5th graders inspired you.

  3. I loved working on this project! I have to say, I had a great team, and I'd like to complement all of them! First of all I'd like to complement Samantha Scoili (I don't Know if I spelled her name right) for taking charge and becoming the team leader, I think she led us in a right way. Then I'd like too compliment Samantha Cioffi for helping me what-so-ever whenever I needed it. Now for Ava Pitrillo, she came up with the great idea for painting over the fabric. Sara Hoffman was a great team member! She took charge of the cleats just because none else would do it. Finally, I'd like to complement Caroline Wong for getting us out of the " who could trace who could pose" fight. Well done team!!!!!!!!

  4. Great comment, Halina!

    You give us insight into your team's creative process, and acknowledge everybody's strengths. I appreciate this thoughtful, well-written contribution --- you're a true team player.

  5. Shehrbano11/18/2010

    I loved doing these!! it was fun to work with other people. Me and my group put each one of are ideas in to it.All of the people in my group, had really creative ideas! first some of us wanted a different type of hairstyle but then we worked together buy doing something we all would like! and then at the end it looked so good! working together in art will make art funner too!

  6. Drew 4-AR11/18/2010

    I liked doing the Paper People That Show CAYCAO in some way because i got to work with alot of my friends like Justin,Zach,Ben,Daniel, and Michael. I also enjoyed doing the glazing on our Leaf Bowls because iy was so fun picking all the different colors and the names of them weren't just Red,Green, or Blue it was like Peacock Green and Cappucino and pistachio. Maybe ill do this again sometime!!!

  7. Drew 4-AR11/18/2010

    Also I'd like to complement Shehrbano's complement because she liked alot of things i liked about doing the paper people. She also used really good detail words like "creative"!

  8. shehrbano11/19/2010

    thanks drew!