Sep 21, 2014

We use the Purchase 5 to do this. We are respectful, patient, empathic, persistent, and responsible! We created a mural of hands to symbolize this.  
We care about others and ourselves.
                                                -  Luke W., 5E

Give Me Five! 

The purchase five

inspired Ms. Palefsky to 

have grades 1st- 5th to lend a helping hand. Each student made a unique hand, it could be rainbow to black and white. You could use any color background like black, yellow, teal, blue, purple and white. The materials we used were in such a wide variety, we used so many different materials that are so fun and different. As the days went by our beautiful hands became a mural that hangs outside Ms. Palefsky's room. The Purchase Five is what we are and will always be. 

" The world is moved along, 
not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, 
but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes 
of each honest worker. "  ~ Helen Keller  

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