Nov 1, 2013


By Jack and Ali, 4A 
Do you know what they use to wrap injuries? Well it is gauze and you can even make a plaster mask out of it. We will show you in 5 easy steps. First, you get your materials which includes plaster gauze strips, a face mold you can reuse if you want to make another mask, water and acrylic paint. Step two, dip the plaster strips into the water to turn it into the plaster you need. Step three, take your strips and shape it on your face. Make sure to do 2 layers of plaster mold then wait for it to dry. It should take 6 hours. Step four, carefully wiggle the plaster out of the mold. Step five, use any material you want. You can paint with acrylic paint, you can draw. Sharpie is the best in my opinion and you can hot glue gun any fabrics or clothes, it is your decision. That is how you make plaster masks. 





Professional artists enjoy working with 
plaster just as much as 4th graders.

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