Mar 21, 2013

3.5 hrs in the Artroom

Raffle winner Anthony C. brought Matt H. to join him for an afternoon in 
the Art room. Creative fun ensued.
    11:30am: Begin Plaster Hot Air balloon:

 Painting, Jackson Pollock-style

Making use of splattered paper.

     12:20pmScooby-Do on the Smartboard Lunch break

     1:00pm: Etching and Embossing 

"Phineus" pencil sketch and gold scratch-art (etching).

Baseball metal tooling (embossing)

     1:50pm: Running break; lap around the school

    2:05pmFinish painting plaster

Neon colors are In.

   3:00pm: Hot air balloon assembled with wire clothes hangers

What a memorable afternoon.

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