Jun 19, 2012

our graduates


_____________________________Sports in Art

Hello our names are Brody K. and Ben M. from 5-E. We are here to talk about all of the art in Purchase School that has a subject of SPORTS! There have been many different types of sports and art combined, such as paintings of football players, drawings of basketball players made with colored pencils and crayons. Some people draw sports because sports means something to them. For example, if a boy/girl plays on a baseball or softball team they will probably want to draw a baseball/softball player or their team logo. One resource a lot of kids use is a step by step book that has all kinds of sports such as archery, soccer, diving, basketball, baseball, boxing, gymnastics, skating, fencing, football, golf, karate, jai alai, and lots more.

Here are some pictures of the awesome artwork.

______________________________________3-D Art

                Once upon a time, there were two towers.  They were the Red Tower and the Blue Tower.  The towers lived in peace for many years.  Then one day a giant dragon showed up outside the castle’s yard.   The King didn’t know what to do.  The wonderful Wizard Goldrado knew of a solution.  He had to ask the King.  The king didn’t like his plan, but he would do anything to save his castle. So the Queen was walking down to the second floor of the blue tower, where the wizard had built a huge luxury box. He said it was “a defensive wall and would protect anyone in the castle from harm.” The Queen loved the box and now she really liked the wizard’s idea. The Queen and King let the wizard stay in the luxury box forever.  But, the job was not done.   The dragon was still alive.  The wizard and two of the strongest knights went out on a quest to get rid of it.  They went up to him, and attacked the dragon.  But the dragon never wanted to harm them, he just looked very scary and they thought that he would attack them. So, at the end the dragon was the lead guardian of the castle and protected everyone and protected the castle, forever and ever. 
            The process: this project happened by accident. Ryan was just making something random and an idea popped into his head to make a medieval castle but he couldn’t do it all by himself. He had almost the whole class of 5-H help create this project with lots of painting, drawing, copying, and muscle. We were working on this project for about 3-4 weeks. The first week we were working on architecture shaping the castle into the perfect shape. Next here comes the painting the Styrofoam these two buildings were now covered with 2 or 3 coats of black and orange paint. After that the characters and rulers of the kingdom were coming to life: knights, a wizard and a king and queen with a mighty dragon. Trees and props came next and the two connecters in the center were connected with toothpicks, tons and tons of toothpicks. Then we made a cardboard box for the king, queen and wizard to stand in to welcome you to the kingdom with a river and grass at the bottom.
Thank you to…
Ryan: Head Manager/ Creator
Spencer: Assistant Manager      
Lilah: Creative Manager
Lindsay: Assistant Creative Manager
Painters: Liam, Joey, Carmelina, Spencer,
Ryan, Justin, Zach, Will
Special thanks to: All of 5H who gave all their opinions and supported us 
                                       throughout the process and Ms. Palefsky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

______________________________Digital Art

We, (Rachel and Molly) were very inspired when we saw tons of Stop Motion videos in art class. Stop Motion is a video made out of pictures. We decided to take it upon ourselves and make one in our own time. We spent tons of hours at home together making this video below. We made it about something that  is happening in school, so we did graduation.We could really relate to it and I hope you can too! Hope you enjoy!!


Congrats to our graduating students!Thanks for inspiring us all  --       
       continue to be fearless artists, and enjoy your adventures in middle school!

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