Nov 16, 2011

The Art of Paris

By Alexander H., 4A

My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Arenella, asked me to log a travel and photo journal for my trip to France in October of 2011 with my family.

Here's the starter piece of the journal:


My mother, father, sister, brother and I flew from New York’s JFK airport on an 757 jet. We flew on an overnight flight called a “red-eye”. We landed at an airport named Charles De Gaulle, which is named after a French President. JFK airport was also named after a President, but of the United States.

               * * *

When we landed, went through security and got our luggage. What was lucky for us was that we found a taxi large enough to fit all five of us, our luggage and my walker. Usually the taxis and cars are very small, like a Smart Car or a Mini Cooper.
               * * *

DAY 3 Monday: Le Louvre Day

I was happy to have some good old Frosted Flakes for breakfast. We drove to the Musee Le Louvre and parked in an amazing underground garage. We walked out underneath the glass pyramid. Our plan was to see the Italian masters’ paintings and then some sculptures from BC (before Christ). My father took a picture of me standing in front of the most famous picture, the Mona Lisa (by Leonardo da Vinci). We also saw the huge painting of the Wedding at Cana, the Coronation of Napoléon (by David).

                       * * *

All in all, Paris was a big success. What you may not realize is, there's a big difference in seeing the artwork in person, and seeing it in a book. For me to be there, I am very lucky because it is a once in a lifetime experience.


  1. Anonymous11/16/2011

    Awesome job Alexander! xoxo Mom

  2. OMG I am so jealous!! I have always wanted to go to France! The paintings look amazing. What a trip : )

  3. Anonymous11/16/2011

    Gread job Alexander!Effort shows....=:0)
    Mrs. Fowler

  4. Oh my goodness, I would so love to go to France and see the sights. How exciting to see those paintings in person! Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a wonderful trip and experience you had in France Alexander. It must have been truly amazing it be able to view the famous and not so famous paintings in person. You also did a great job on keeping a journal of your trip.
    Montgomery, AL

  6. Anonymous11/16/2011

    Alexander, Wow You are right your trip is a once in a lifetime experience ....because even if you go back again someday, you will never see everything through the same eyes for the first time.

    Let me ask you a question, since you had an opportunity to see the Mona Lisa in you think you know why she was smiling?

    I think your whole art class should do self portraits similar to the Mona Lisa and you should write your secret to your own smile on the back.

    Karen Hess - Mrs. Fowlers friend from New Fairfield

  7. France, what a fantastic place to take a trip! Leanardo D. is my favorite artist, you are so lucky to have seen his work ;)

  8. Great blog post! I would so love to go there. Glad you learned a lot and had a good time!

  9. Anonymous11/16/2011

    What an amazing experience you seemed to have had. Thank you very much for teaching me so many interesting details about France today. From the painting of the Mona Lisa and the sculpture of Venus de Milo, to the American Cemetery (battle of Normandy-D day) with the three graves that have medals of honor. This is an outstanding project and you should be very proud of yourself, I know I am :) Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Arenella

  10. Anonymous11/17/2011

    What a beautiful experience you had! I enjoyed reading about it and looking at the pictures! I would love to see what you saw in person! The Mona Lisa must have been simply amazing to look at in person! Fantastic blog!!!
    Kim Corrado-Mrs. Fowler's friend

  11. Hi what a great oppurtunity for such a young man...sounds like an adventure...i hear they make great croissants...
    thanks for sharing i look froward to hearing and seeing more of your adventure...
    take care ttfn Lana ;)

  12. What a great trip! I always wanted to go to Paris and see the art. I didn't realize Wedding at Cana was so big until I saw the photo in your blog post.

  13. Anonymous11/17/2011

    Loved the photos, but what I liked best was your writing skills. Great job. Keep up the great work.

  14. Anonymous11/17/2011

    I'm so happy you were able to go to France. I was fortunate enough to go there twice. I also loved the Louvre. I agree that the art work was much more impressive than seeing it in a book. What a wonderful experience for you!

    Judee Miley - Mrs. Fowler's friend from New Fairfield

  15. What an exciting and wonderful adventure for you. Glad you were able to enjoy those tasty Frosted Flakes for breakfast, Tony the Tiger would be happy to know that even the French (famous for their fine cuisine) think that Frosted Flakes are "Grrrreat" ! :)

  16. Thanks for sharing about your trip to France! I am sure the artwork is different when you see it in person rather than in a book. Wish I could go too!

  17. It looks like an amazing trip! I love your pictures in the museum.

  18. Anonymous11/20/2011

    great job
    you worked so hard
    alexandra zumbo

  19. Anonymous2/15/2012

    Good for you Alewander:) that's so cool!!