Oct 19, 2011

The Elephant Not in the Room

5th grade Photoshop Project in the Computer Lab

By: Frankie N. 5-H, Brett R. 5-H, Ethan Z. 5-E
Photoshop is a program which allows you to edit your picture to make it funnier or cooler. The 5th grade did a project on Photoshop where you take the elephant from the art room and place it in any type of background or picture and insert it there. There are many features in Photoshop, such as: erasing, blur, dragging your picture, and making a 
     transparent background. You can drag parts of the elephant’s body onto other parts of the picture. You can get any picture that you want from Google images or Bing images. When you start Photoshop it can be a little confusing, but once you learn, it is a lot easier and a lot more fun. Photoshop was a big success for the 5th grade and everybody had a blast!!!!!!!!


  1. Rachel S.10/21/2011

    I like the way Molly put the elephant in the dog's mouth, because it is very creative.

  2. By Ava and Molly10/21/2011

    I like the way Jaden put the elaphent on the chair lift.I liked it because it made my visulize and it was really funny and creative.

  3. I like the way Molly put the elephent in the dogs mouth. I liked it because it was really creative and funny!!!

  4. Samantha10/21/2011

    I like the way that the elephants look. I love the way it look great job 5th grade bo