Apr 5, 2011

Color Theory

By Joe M.  

Have you ever thought about how a color can make you feel? When artists use cool colors it may make you feel a little sad, and warm colors can make you feel excited. Red, orange and yellow energize you to get out there and do something that makes you feel good. We learned about warm, cool and complementary colors and how, when we put them together, they make each other stand out. I liked how I traced my hand and filled it with warm colors, then filled the background with cool colors. This made my warm hand stand out against the cool background. I think this project is a good way to learn about complementary colors and use your hands.

Color theory looks at the visual impacts of specific color combinations.

Complementary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel 
(red & green, blue & orange, violet & yellow), when placed next to each other, both appear brighter.







  1. Mrs. Bacigalupo4/06/2011

    The warm colors really pop and stand out when they are next to cool colors. I like the way you explained how the colors make us feel.

  2. Hey, makes perfect sense to me!