Mar 25, 2011


  March is Youth Art Month.  It's also Women's History Month. Two 5th graders celebrated them both with a  portrait of our New York State SenatorSuzi Oppenheimer. 

portraiture -- the art of representing the physical likeness of an individual. 

Artwork by Emily W.
" My portrait is a three-quarter turn and drawing the face was challenging. I also thought at first, it would be hard to draw, but as I went along it became easier. I learned that you should just try your best and let your mind be free. My favorite part was doing the jacket because I mixed lots of blues and purples, and the background where I used a sponge and tempera paint.

Artwork by Lauren C.
" In my portrait, I used a lot of different materials. I used color pencils, pastels, crayons, a black sharpie marker, and pencil. To me, good artwork has lots of different materials in it. I like the way I added the American flag in the background. "

The Senator was honored and impressed by the artwork!

Senator Suzi Oppenheimer represents our area, the 37th district.

The Harrison Report, June 10, 2011, Back cover (pg. 8)


  1. Mrs. Ensign3/31/2011

    I loved being a part of the presentation of portraits to Senator Oppenheimer last week. It was an honor to meet her and I was so proud of the students art work. They put so much effort and enthusiasm into the project and it really showed in the end result. Way to go!

  2. Anonymous4/03/2011

    I love the art work they made and the way Senator Oppenheimer reactedby when Ms. Palefsky showed her the artwork.