Feb 16, 2011


  5th graders let the Lion out of the Art Room
... and boy, did he roam.

"Lion Love" by Jacklyn & Lauren

"Waiting for My Date" by Mohammed & Jack

"South Park Crew" by Alex, Noah & Sammy

"Narnia and Friends" by Sammy & Peter
By Austin P., Spencer D.

In class we were introduced to a new program called Photoshop and thought it was very creative. We put a picture of our Art Room's giant paper lion in another photo by adding layers. First, we went on Google images and found a picture that we wanted the lion to be in. Then, we copied and pasted the image to Photoshop and added the lion's image as a new layer. We changed the image size of the lion by making the percentage smaller so it fit with the background. Afterwards, we used the eraser tool to erase any parts of the lion that we didn't need, and flattened the two layers together to make one picture. This project allowed us to explore the creativity of photoshop and how technology has changed photography. We hope to do this project again.

HOW DO THEY DO IT? Using Photoshop, students adjust image sizes, create new layers, and apply the eraser tool.

"Lion Williams" by Brandon


See how Photoshop is used in Advertising!  http://youtu.be/iYhCn0jf46U

-- Rose P. (Senior Retoucher at Impact Digital, NYC) writes:
"I love that film!! It's why I do what i do - and proof that anyone can be a model!"


  1. Matt H.2/26/2011

    I like how they dont mess up. And everything looks REAL

  2. Samantha3/15/2011

    So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think the messege is that it doesn't matter what you look like. But sadly, that's how somepeople are judged

  4. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I think that the message of this video is that you can edit something to make it look better

    Brett S.

  5. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I think you showed this to me because your showing that you can make something better in a person. Another reason is because you want us to use photoshop and you wanted to show us what photoshop can do.


  6. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I think we watched this video to show a example of using the photo shop tools. She looked very different after all the photo shop tools.

    ~ From Sammy K.

  7. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I think you showed us this because it shows how you can change someones aperence to make them look better. Also because it used photo shop to make her look better and this yaer we lerned how to use it.


  8. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I thought that people shouldn't always believe what you see on T.V. And I thought that they did a lot of work on that girls face to make her look very different


  9. Lauren3/22/2011

    I think the teachers showed us this video because, it shows that photo shop can make images look better if they have problems. In addition, to why I think the teachers shared with us this Dove, video because it shows beauty is on the inside not on the outside, and photo shop has a way of making the outside beautiful too.I think photo shop is an impressive way to make a picture and make it a good memory.

  10. Peter H.3/22/2011

    I think the purpose that Mrs. Goldstein and Ms. Palefsky showed us this video is because it shows anyone that photoshop can be used for anything including advertisment. I learned that photoshop wasn't just for your personal sake. Now I know that photoshop isn't just for fun it's for life.
    Peter H.

  11. Also, photshop can change anything. It doesn't matter what the original looks like

  12. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I think the perpose of showing us the video was to show us that even proffinals use photoshop.


  13. Noah R.3/22/2011

    I think Mrs. Goldstien and Mrs. Palefsky showed us this video because it shows photoshop can be included for almost anything. For example, billboards,pictures and much more. At first I thought that photoshop was just for inserting things into other pictures but today I learned it is also used for many other things.

  14. I think you want us to watch this because of how they used computers and how computers are used for a lot of different things.It is cool how we're learning how to do things like that and we can be the people who do that in the future.

  15. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I think the message in the video was trying to say how people use photoshop in advertising


  16. Adrianna3/22/2011

    I think the teachers showed us this because all the work done on her was not real! Girl’s say that they want to look like them but they do not know what happens to them that is not what they really look like. Also because they used photo shop and it takes a not so good picture and makes then better is was really cool how they did that!

  17. I think our teachers showed us the video because, it showed that the people who made this video used photo shop to show you can be beautiful on the outside and not just on the inside. Photo shop has a way to make things different and beautiful in its own way.

  18. Joseph3/22/2011

    I think you wanted us to watch us this because we could see what you can do with a computer when you photoshop someone. It is really cool and looks real.

  19. Joey Martino3/22/2011

    I think that we watch this because the teachers want to shoew us how photo shop can make a photo look so real, but what they did to the girl is fake.

  20. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I think thwe message is that it doesn't matter how you look and that photoshop can make a difference.


  21. Anonymous3/22/2011

    The message this video is trying to say is tht everything takes time and progress. Mrs. Goldstein and Ms. Palefsky are decided to show us this video because they don't want us to rush and take time.


  22. Austin3/22/2011

    I think that the meaning of this video is don't believe everything you see at first. I think this because the girl looked very different then they changed how she looked, so the product probably doesn't work as well. Also this showed us an example of when photoshop is used. -Austin

  23. i think they made us watch it beacuse of how she changed. we looked how they use photo shop. to show how you can make things look better than they are. they have lots of things to make someone look better.


  24. Jacklyn3/22/2011

    I think that this video means that it doesn't matter how you look. Also how photo shop can change everything. And that true beuty is on the inside no matter how you look. I think that the teacher realy helped us learn 2 things. True beuty is better than artificial and how photo shop can make a differance.