Jan 27, 2011


By: Molly S., Rachel S., Ava J., Gabby D.
Lately in the art room, the 4th graders have been working with ink and paper. We have been working on Printmaking! Printmaking is similar to a stamp. 

The steps for printmaking are…
1.       Draw your design on Oak Tag paper. Make sure in some way the paper is overlapping.
2.       Once you have your design, glue all your pieces of Oak Tag together.
3.       Wait 24 hours for your design to dry.
4.       Pick out a background color (paper) and an ink color.
5.      Once you have your background paper and an ink color, you must get a brayer and roll the ink on the design 15 times.
6.       Now flip your design over onto the background paper.
7.       Take a clean brayer and rub over the back of your design.
8.       Now peel your design off of the background paper and you should have a cool print! If you’re drawing letters remember to make them backwards.

We thought print making was….vivacious, cool, creative and ornate!!! Our favorite part about printmaking was seeing how the prints came out. The good thing about printmaking is it saves paper and you can use your design more than once. Your print may not come out good the first time, but there is always next time and never give up.  Some people's designs were initials, names, funny faces, and their favorite things. At first the ink was sticky. We loved printmaking and we hope to do it again.

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  1. I think I should do printmaking again! It was so fun!

  2. derek Ferraro3/02/2011

    i love all the work that we have done i really think the clay art would be a great thing for the 5th graders and all the other grades to do it would be so FUN!!!!!!

    ~Derek 5-H